Friday, September 11, 2009

Pocket Monsters Distribution (D/P/PT/HG/SS)


Accurate DS Icons for Special Items and D/P Matchup Checker.


Repack of all Wonder Cards with unique DS Icon for each Distribution.




Finally made an assortment of Pokemon Distributions with unique Descriptions that can be sent through the Mystery Gift option for every Generation IV Pokemon game including the newly released Heart Gold & Soul Silver. All you need is 2 DS' and x1 Flash Cart with another Flash Cart or Retail Game receiving the Data on the other DS through the Game. I'll make some English ones maybe at some point.


Japanese Distribution (D/P/PT/HG/SS) 10-01-10


001 Concert Chatot
002 Festa Electabuzz
003 Festa Magmar
004 World Hobby Fair Manaphy
005 Shokotan Tropius
007 Eigakan (Cinema) Darkrai
008 Yamamoto Whiscash
009 PalCity Special Present Manaphy
010a PalCity Special Present Mew (Fukuoka)
010b PalCity Special Present Mew (Sapporo)
010c PalCity Special Present Mew (Makuhari)
010d PalCity Special Present Mew (Nagoya)
010e PalCity Special Present Mew (Yokohama)
010f PalCity Special Present Mew (Osaka)
011 PalCity Special Present Lucario
012 Matchup Checker [D&P]
013 10th Deoxys
014a Tanabata Jirachi (Galon Berry)
014b Tanabata Jirachi (Salac Berry)
015 PC Tokyo Birthday Charmander 2007
016 Golgo Octillery
017 Saikyou (Strongest) Electivire
018 Saikyou (Strongest) Magmortor
019 Saikyou (Strongest) Milotic
020 Saikyou (Strongest) Dragonite
021 Saikyou (Strongest) Salamence
022 Arumia Darkrai
023 Kaito Riolu
024 Tenimura Regigigas
025 Eigakan (Cinema) Shaymin
028 McDonald's Pikachu
029 PC Tokyo Birthday Charmander 2008
030 Eigakan (Cinema) Arceus
032 Tanabata Jirachi (Jaboca Berry)
033 PC Yokohama Pikachu
034 PC Yokohama Birthday Pikachu 2008
035 WCS Gold Milotic Present
036 Members Card Present
040 Eevee Collection Memorial Present
041 Onemuri Pikachu
042 Pikachu-Colored Pichu Present
043 PokeCenter Meowth Present
044 Okido's Letter Present
045 Lucario WakuWaku Fair Doll
046 Nintendo Zone Jirachi
047 PC Tokyo Birthday Charmander 2009
048 Course Map ~ Yellow Forest
049 PC Nagoya Birthday Chimchar 2009
050 Kyoto Cross Media Experience 2009 Pikachu
051 Course Map ~ Champ's Path
052 Silver Eevee Present
053a Gold & Silver 10th Anniversary Mew
053b Gold & Silver 10th Anniversary Mew
054 Enigma Crystal Present
055 Course Map ~ Shopping
056 ARIO Pikachu
057 PC Yokohama Birthday Pikachu 2009
058 Course Map ~ Event

059 Crown Raikou
060 Crown Entei
061 Crown Suicune

062 Eigakan (Cinema) Celebi
063 Goon's Scizor Present

064 Course Map ~ Amity Field

065 Satoshi's Pikachu Present

066 Nintendo Zone Manaphy

067 PC Tokyo Birthday Charmander 2010

069 7-Eleven Pikachu

070 PC Nagoya Birthday Chimchar 2010
100 PBR Secret Gift Pikachu
108 Zua Berry [D&P]
156 Secret Key Present
182a Oblivia Deoxys (Normal Forme)
182b Oblivia Deoxys (Attack Forme)
182c Oblivia Deoxys (Defense Forme)
182d Oblivia Deoxys (Speed Forme)
183 Oblivia Heatran
184 Oblivia Shaymin


Single Distribution



  1. thanks very much, If only I hadn't given my friend my old R4. I would just give it to my legit game and trade it over to my HG/SS rom, but trading isn't working.

    Thanks anyways

  2. The Carts are so cheap these days for Slot-1 Carts that use microSD/SDHC. You could probably just get a cheap one or have your Friend help send you some of the Event ones, No? =P

  3. How exactly do you do this? Sorry, the japanese menu is confusing..

  4. it works fine, but where does th epokemon get sent?

  5. Where does th epokemon go after you myster gift it? o.o

  6. There's should be a Special Option once you get the PokeDex called Mystery Gift. It should be above Wi-Fi Settings. In the Mystery Gift options, the first Option should be to acquire a Card from a Friend, the second to acquire a Wonder Card Wirelessly, this is the one you need for these. There's also an option for acquiring Gifts through Nintendo via Wi-Fi. In the main select of Mystery Gift, the second option should be Card Selections, you'll have to delete a Card if you want to acquire more since you can only have 3 at a time.

    You pick up Items/Pokemon through the Green Man at the Pokemart whenever you have a new Wonder Card added. Once you acquire whatever the Deliveryman had, you may delete the Cards for more room for acquiring more Pokemon.

  7. LOL! i thought that the card thing was like "accept, yes or no" but rather "Delete, yes or no"

    awesome got my surfing pikachu =D

  8. Where do you find the Soul Silver English Patch 3.5 Localized patch?


  10. I want to see Michina ARCEUS, lol

  11. So did you make these using the wondercards and then edit a distribution cart or are they rips of the distribution cart.

    Does anyone know where to get rips of the origional distrubution carts I managed to find a deoxy and dragonite and eur shaymin. are any other floading around.

    Is there anyway that the someone/thing could tell if these were not recieves legit??

  12. These are all custom made off an Original Distribution Cart.

    They should be all legit, the only modification I made for these are sending Pokemon to all versions instead of a certain selection. Items have certain selections, (Member Card, Oak's Letter go to the 3 Original Versions and not HG/SS while PokeWalker Course Maps go to HG and SS only.)

  13. Hi do you have a single download for arceus as I downloaded the zip file with many and didnt work for me.

    please email me if anyone knows anymore distribution roms

  14. @Jason~

    Which Version were you trying to send to? If you're using an English game, you need to use the English\Rom out of there to send it to. I checked out both Arceus Roms, and they look correct for both Distribution Regions.

    I also made it so Cinema Arceus can be sent to all versions, including HG&SS.

  15. Thankyou kindly.
    I eventually worked it, it is so easy like you say.
    Do you have any German or England Distribution ones.
    Hopefully england will be having some events soon. Our whole family go as its fun getting the download and trading.
    Sorry my email is

  16. is cinema arceus the arceus to activate event for giratina, dialga, palkia eggs in HGSS?
    i have the USA Soul Silver, can work in it?

  17. @VMZ2

    Yes. Any Arceus with a Fateful Encounter flag should work.

  18. I was wondering if I could also have the Arceus.

  19. hello Nigoli
    do you plan to upload us events?
    like yellow forest event
    i just got my copy of hg and there is 2nd event already, so iv missed that forest one already...
    what a bummer

  20. i love what youve done it is amazing it help me and my friend out alot thank you verry much

  21. Hi Nigoli
    Do you have a rom for disributing Manaphy egg's please.
    If not please would it be possible to let me know where to find one.
    Thank you

  22. @Jason~ The Manaphy Egg is something that needs to be sent by Pokemon Ranger 1~3 and those games. The Generation IV games determine that it's a Manaphy Egg and generates it accordingly. There's no Wonder Cards for the Egg that need to be sent from Ranger.

    There's LV5 Manaphy from World Hobby Fair and LV50 PalCity Manaphy that come through Wonder Card transmission though.

  23. I'm waiting for the celebi, i hope that u post it as soon as posible please :D

  24. I'll update the master DS Wonder Card JPN archive once that last Course Map for the PokeWalker releases.

    I'm thinking the Card ID will be 64, seeing as Satoshi's Pikachu Present was 65.

  25. is that only me or nobody is being able to download the pack with everything? I'm not having problems with the single files, but the pack isn't downloading... (sry for the bad english)

  26. It's working all right with me for FireFox.

    You could also use something like a Download Manager that handles MediaFire links.

  27. I have been trying to learn how to distribute. Im not sure how to do it i have my sister r4 i put the pikacu.nds on it i start distributing and I go to my r4 with PHG and try to get it under the mystery gift under via Nintendo WFC but it just gives me a manaphy (which always shows up) regardless. Does anyone know what i am doing wrong. Please contact me at

  28. Try Wireless instead of Nintendo WFC. :p

  29. I had some problems with doing this method so after i figured it out i made a short video of how to do it and put it on youtube. The link to the video is here

  30. does this work with wood r4 because i dont want to change back everything

    it starts to load but then the screen goes white

  31. nevermind i made my own for gen 4 english lol. thanks for the japanese ones though

  32. Just came across these. THANK YOU so much for making the ROMs because that is what I was looking for. What program are you using to make/modify these? I've been looking for a program that will let me create a distro ROM that contains custom-made pokemon. Thanks1

  33. Are these like distribution cartridge ROMs?

  34. Nigoli, would work on r4(dslite) with T-flash, and i use laptop is Mac does download would working?

  35. The link to the main rom is broken. Is there any chance that these will be reuploaded?

    1. Thanks for letting me know.

      It should be working now for you.

  36. Hi Nigoli ! Great Roms you posted here. Wanted to know if you could create the Stopwatch and Alarm Clock for Pokemon Platinum. I got them for the spanish version but they do not work for my USA platinum.
    Thanks in advance !

  37. Hi. It is possible to post the Pokémon Ranger DS Shadows of Almia DLC's? I Dunno how it works. It is possible to play it ?

  38. does it work with a US copy of the game?

    1. Yes, use the subfolder "english" and select the *.nds desired

  39. how can I use the roms on europe (spanish) version? :/

  40. can someone uploat them for europe version? i dont know how to do it

  41. do you have any plans to release distribution ROMs for any of the US or EUR gen 4 events? And would it be possible to create a similar distribution method for other gen 4-5 pokemon games that supported local wireless distribution? Or maybe psudo-distributions for notoriously rare or hard to come by distrubutions such as the Colosseum Disk Jirachi or the Pokemon Battle Revolution Electivire or Pikachu?

  42. Second chesire cat, please release a compilation of the gen 4 US events!

  43. Please release a US gen 4 events compilation!