C-Gear Skin Data

C-Gear Skin data is becoming popular in terms of collecting and dumping them as files off Global Link. I've been collecting them for quite sometime and figured I'd share my collection of them with everyone. There's a few programs that are capable of injecting them via save file, such as PokeStock and PokeGen.


Black & White Skins will have the PSK file extension, while Black 2 & White 2 Skins will have the CGB file extension. Expect new ones each time Global Link gets updated with them, I'll be using all 4 of my games to acquire C-Gear skins the expense of my time.


Japanese Distribution (B/W/B2/W2) 04-26-13


001 Munna's Flower Garden
002 Aim for the Top!
003 Twinkle Chilarmy
004 Pokémon Smash Choroneko
005 Earful Tabunne
006 Pleasant Piplup♪
007 The Poison-Thruster
008 Venusaur!
009 Charizard!
010 Blastoise!
011 Victorious V Sign
012 Virtual Pokémon
013 Pokémon Café
014 White Hero
015 Black Hero
016 Aim! For the World
017 Spring's Form
018 Summer's Form
019 Fall's Form
020 Winter's Form
021 Zoroark!
022 Closeup Iwaparesu
023 Connect Giaru
024 Friendly Koaruhie
025 Guidance Cobalon
026 Trial Terrakion
027 Rumination Virizion
028 Usual Form
029 Resolution Form
030 Night Sky's Singing Voice

031a 2012 Worlds C-Gear

031b TRO ☆ PIKA ☆ L

032 Halloween 2012

033 Sleeping Eevee

034 Red Genosect

035 Blue Sparkle

036 Red Flame


Single Distribution



  1. How to use this in the game?

  2. Hey, the file is dead. Can you please reupload it?

  3. please is there a way i can inject them in a original game?
    I have a ds lite that i use for the distribution roms and the 3ds in which i play the original game

  4. Hi,

    PokeDex skins: "Starter pals" and "Kanto Trio" will not display the image on my Pokedex on black and white version games when I insert them. Can you please upload them for those versions?


  5. Hi. I have a question, it exist a form to install you'r c-gear skins in a original game?

  6. Hello thanks so much for the awesome work you're doin'!
    Here's a question, Is it possible make a ROM with c-gear distribution I can't use Pokegen or AR on my cartridge :(