Sunday, August 2, 2020

Electonik Repair / Dave's Arcade ~ Facebook Review

Electronik Repair, now known as Dave's Arcade is a Facebook group business based around repairing retro video game systems and selling retro video games, now primarily servicing Arcade machines. I'll be posting my thoughts about them here and what I think about them up to this point.

At first when I sent my Wondermega Model 1 of the SEGA brand in early Feb 2018. I sent them it because I really wanted the RGB output on the system, since it doesn't come with it natively. I was asked a bunch of things, if I wanted it to be region free for the cartridge side. What kind of DIN I wanted for output. Keep in mind that this Wondermega was in very prestine condition. The only problems were the scratches on the CD lid, near read and access, and a red mark that was a problem in production near the contact disk label. Besides that, the lid would have trouble opening.


When I contacted these guys. They told me they could do all the things I wanted fixed and added to the system. We talked for hours and hours about my system. Besides that, I've had a load of various awesome deals on different games. If you like retro games, then maybe this site would be for you once you get to know them. But I've spent hundreds mind you. Some of the items are expensive like shown here. I really started to trust them business-wise and how they were treating me as a customer. The Rockman on the Mega Drive was not the only thing I've bought from them.

Months and months passed after waiting. One time they did say they wanted to close it up and send it back and this was in July. But I asked if the SRAM with the Wondermega would be something that could be fixed and if it were a problem in May, after I paid $175 for the cost of repairs and modifications done to the system. In late July, I asked about the status of the system. I was ignored for around 3 days and they told me it was all set. Great. I'm wondering if it'll ship. They end up closing their shop down, and they told me it would ship out when it reopens. So I wait until that happens. I ask once more for a tracking number. Also keep in mind, I've been buying things from them for months just to be a good customer. They tell me 2 more weeks. Ask again after that, another 2 more weeks. It's really odd at this point. I also chatted with another guy who also has a Wondermega in both the Victor and SEGA model 1s. He told me he would be on the fence about the whole thing after my story and how pricey my system. They were also having problems getting some kind of product that needed repair back them and taking a long time because of the value of the item.

It's now September and I'm still waiting. It's pretty ridicuous at this point, and just try to keep my mouth shut over the whole thing and be patient because maybe something would happen. My Cousin ends up bothering them, and this makes them have a queue list. Also, they told me they could develop Region Free CD BIOS for the system and make special arrangements. So I give them the benefit of the doubt because that's how awesome and nice I was to these people. I trusted them. I let them have until February of this year to get things moving on that. I can't go into price point specifics. But due to my patience, I would get it for free. Which was VERY NICE OF THEM I thought. They tell me it'll happen soon and that they sent the guy a test Wondermega to utilize for developing such a part. It's now late Novemeber. I emailed the person in charge of making the WM Bios part. He told me they never even sent a system to him and he was still waiting for one.

So February rolls around, which our agreement and their "drop dead date" so they claimed it was. NO PROGRESS. I asked the BIOS developer and he told me nothing has happened since I asked last time and that I should contact them because it's my system. I ask for the Wondermega back, and they agreed and still would keep the deal for the CD BIOS when I do send it back. They told me that they would send a tracking number. This is early in the month and I did give them time. I was occupied with a nasty flu for over a week. Right before March of this month, I was offered a game for the Super Famicom and if I accpeted to buy it, "it would be packed with my Wondermega". I agreed to it being the nice guy I was. I hear nothing and I ask for a tracking number. A joke post ends up being posted the very next day, not sure if it was directed at me or not. Don't think I was annoying to them and I politely asked, everything I've done up to now I've done out of respect. So my Cousin posts in the that news post after I've been ignored on direct message for more than a week. I thought it was something that I did or said that made them respond. But it had to be because my Cousin told them to get the ball rolling.

So I finally get the tracking number on a Monday. Thinking this part of my life. This saga of nonsense, waiting for this thing is finally over with. Guy contacts me, it's just the game that got sent and not the system with it. I cannot believe what I was reading. After all this time of waiting, being ignored, and all the stupid excuses. They tell me that, "you get things faster, when you buy things". Are you really serious? After a whole year of buying things left and right and waiting nonstop. It really is terrible. It's downright awful that they could treat a customer like this over a year of bullshit. I'm thinking that I'm at the point where, I'm not getting this system back ever. I should kiss my Wondermega good bye. For whatever reason maybe they want to keep it because the condition is nice for them, or maybe they broke it and don't know how to fix it. It was my dumb fault for sending in something that's so expensive at this point in time. Without thinking of the consequences. All I wanted was to play some Sega Genesis / Mega Drive with RGB output and enjoy the picture clarity I'd get from using RGB SCART cables. But it seems like I cannot enjoy it now without having to purchase a standalone console.

The Analogue Mega Sg was on it's way for release. Originally my plan was to use the system as my go-to SEGA console before Analogue did anything like this. It all happened in the time span before either getting the system "modified" so they say, or just waiting for that Region Free CD BIOS mod to happen, which never did end up happening. Or they delayed the process on purpose several times on purpose to keep the system longer. Oh yeah, and in that last response. They did also tell me that they gave the BIOS developer a unit that had a bad CD based system. I wasn't surprised at all with that response.

I wrote everything above when that had transpired in Feb 2019 due to just being upset that I was lied to completely about getting my system back. Told me if I talked to anybody about them bad they would not do the CD BIOS install any longer and send it back to me. Another problem arose in September of 2019 with another guy who seemed like he was having the same kind of deal. They posted about how the guy scammed them. Said about my situation in a comment and said they would send me a tracking number. I ended up asking him to talk in DM so that we could discuss the RF CD BIOS because I still had faith it would happen. I tried to be patient like they wanted.

Since then they showed the BIOS modification off in a news post. But they considered switching names and role of business to Arcades primarily. March of this year 2020 was the last time Dave and I talked. I had to post on the news posts after being ignored for months. Was really starting to worry about it not getting back to me. Told me things would start to happen in April. I had not receieved my console, and in May of 2020 I finally asked for it back. In July I threatened them legally just to see if something would happen, and I asked them what their problem was. Even sent an email. I'm pretty sure that I'm on the snooze list on Facebook. I also think the COVID-19 pandemic is a poor excuse for getting a part to make the CD BIOS happen. Considering you probably deal with things like that for Arcade repair probably too, which is what they're doing now.

This was my personal experience with these people. For anybody thinking about doing business with them with something super expensive like in my case, or anything at all. Even on eBay, which they are still sending things out. They seem to have negatives here and there since "Dave's Arcade" happened. I consider my Wondermega a loss. I've had a lot of time and money invested into my system, and it's a real shame because Dave seemed like a nice guy. They have my system and repair money that I sent them. Stringing me a long and making me wait more and more so that they could eventually keep it. Everybody I've talked to about it tells me I'm never getting it back, even after the first 6 months had went by. I really did keep faith until this whole thing happened. I should have thought to myself. Them saying they'd send me a tracking number in various instances could have meant that it would have taken time just for them to even do that. It's been 2.5 years as of writing this post and I still do not have my system back. I also shouldn't have been ignored to the point I did. I shouldn't even have to be the one saying anything. April or May 2019 was the last time they ever contacted me first, which is insane for the nature of this item. I have not heard from Daves since March. I keep sending messages with no response. I do not want to do anymore business with them due to the fact of them forgetting their customers and repair jobs. Another repair always seems so much more important, no matter how long ago I sent it.

To anybody that had this experience with them or anything that never worked out like this. I really hope things work out in the end, compared to what happened in my situation. Think about the item you are giving away and who you are sending it to. Please be careful.