Friday, January 10, 2014

Q&A ~ Other Pokémon Sites & Blog Future

Just a head's up and notice for things going on with the Blog and mostly the Pokemon related things first. It will be a Q&A for what I usually get asked most. Due to working at different sites, names of sites will not be mentioned or names of users. And the comments will be disabled.

Where are the Generation 6 Stuff for Pokemon Events?

Due the new signatures encrypted within save files for the Nintendo 3DS. It's still not yet possible to extract any kind made-up data from these games. I do have all the tools I need and all set for when the time does come for decryption.


How come you aren't on Staff at that Pokemon site anymore?

It's been a long ride indeed. While I did like the site back then, maybe my thoughts on it have changed quite drasticly. While I don't mean anyone any harm. I simply don't like the politics involved, being passed over more than once for other people to get a position when I might have been able to really help to site forum with things like Spambots or site content in general. Or even having to even ask for a position. I've contributed at the forums and / or site if you could call it one from almost late 2009 to 2013 of September. I simply changed my status to a non-Moderator color and I was immediately kicked off months later having not logged in to see anything on purpose. When more than 80% of Staff do nothing with that power and are inactive. It doesn't matter if you've contributed Events apparently, since it was mainly turned into a programmer website. And I'm one of the key reasons why the site has most it's Event content today.


What did you used to do at this Pokemon site anymore?

Contribute Events really. I'm mainly responsible for most of the image posts you see on the forum with my kind of template and structure I've used since HG/SS Wonder Card Events. Since they've had databases, only one time I was thanked for my contributions out of the more than hundred or two Events I might have contributed, especially when I wasn't a part of staff. The Images contributed were also a factor of the content of the database, mostly for Japanese Events, and some times I would work and also correct other regioned Events. When I was pulled from the Staff, my login credrentials of the database ceased to work anymore. I was uncredited, and noted just as a "helper" over the years. It's really a shame too, since I had just about every other Wonder Card image and Event Distro picture done for each region and Event that was missing.


That's so awful

I suppose it's life. It's no better than a job and getting laid off for a stupid reason. From the Rockman fansites I used to work for, and even with this for knowing it might've been a waste of time knowing what I'd be getting in for from the beginning. That's what's nice about the two Blogs I run, even if they are ghost towns maybe (somewhat on the Rockman blog). In the end with sites people run or fourms, it's about who you know, and the Friends they probably have in that clique. It wasn't for someone like me anyway if it's all based on making programs. I hope in years to come things won't be so bad later for them, or any new Staff coming on. I did like the site a lot. And I did try. But it's run it's course unfortunately.


What will you do now and especially with G6?

I'll continue to work on this blog and the download links I have listed here in the side sections of it. And find anything from the original region being Japanese where Events are usually 12 months ahead of time. I think it's fine that people would be able to use files, and that's my main purpose and fun of this. Nothing illegal can be said for using them, so it should be all right.


What happened to the Youtube account?

I suppose this happens to everyone at least once or twice. I ended up uploading episodes of a show called, "Game Center CX". I was getting millions of views, and tens of thousands subscribers for them. I became too addicted with posting the show, and the show itself. Eventually it was to the point where my videos were being taken down. And I would video's with links in them to a Dailymotion account where I have them uploaded. By August of last year, due too much spam and copyright infringements from both postings of videos. My account was suspended. Work can be done on Dailymotion for these uploads, and anything else. Youtube is kind of odd lately. Not to mention the framerate for Youtube was always crap with movie conversion.


Where is the Music section?

It's coming. I plan to have it around late this or next month, it will be exciting. I've just been busy lately.


Where is the Music content for this game? & Why is the link down?

It either needs a rip. It either still needs to be redone, retagged, or organized better for a better quality rip. Again, I just haven't had much time on my hands for music.


Will both of these Blogs shutdown someday?

There's too much on both blogs to trash them. It would be a real waste if I did delete them. And information or media is definitely useful for any reader wanting to enjoy the content.


Any Game Center CX content?

I do still collect the RAW files. HD ones are top priority. The problem is hosting the files really.


You should post more Gundam stuff on here.

I definitely agree. I was trying to do this with the newest Musou Gundam related game. But it's a shame the game isn't as good as the last one.


What can we expect next?

I was thinking EXVS Full Boost BGM. I would like to do this if I can and see how it goes. Again, I feel no point in putting Anime Theme Songs in there. It will be like the original's BGM release.