Saturday, May 8, 2010

Smart Boy GBC Dev-System / DS Distro Briefing #1

SmartBoy GBC Development System


Probably one of the best Flash Carts I've ever used. The Program is very easy to install. It comes with a 8mm CD-R that's a Setup for the Flasher to utilize the Linker to program the Cartridge. It also came with automated Drivers installs right on the setup. And works with 64-Bit Windows 7 right out of the box without needing to do anything extra. Very easy and wonderful.


It's able to do Single Boot mode only on games, which would allow to you run things like Cheat Devices. Allows restoring and backing up of saves with the Linker on Retail games, ROM dumping on Retail games aside from the Backup Cart Flashing. It's definitely worth the money, especially if you have any old Cartridges laying around like the Pokemon games which use saves.

As for DS Pokemon Distributions. Definitely expect more out of Japanese ones in the future as they release in Japan. Maybe someday I'll get more the English Distributions. I've just been using the Japanese ones the whole way through on English games if I ever bother importing my Save from a JPN Ver to USA game. The Japanese Wonder Cards should work fine with English games, despite the Pokemon being a little bet different with their name and locations. Things like the Map Courses should work fine besides the Wonder Card being Japanese.




Goon's Scizor Present


Alternate Colored Raikou

Alternate Colored Entei

Alternate Colored Suicune

Eigakan (Cinema) Celebi


Satoshi's Pikachu Present


Course Map ~ Amity Field