Friday, September 17, 2010

[B&W] Liberty Ticket Present


Liberty Ticket Present


Update 10/11/2010:

Pokesav has been updated with Mystery Gift implementation. You can use this program to inject the Card Data into saves for now. Updated all archives for PGF extension for Pokesav.


Update 10/10/2010:

Decrypted. Updated Link. There's not a program currently for injection, but I've named them with the *.pca file extension to get rid of the *.mga to change and show that they're decrypted. PCA = Pokemon Card Album.


I'm pretty sure it's Encrypted though and random everytime. Some kind of Decryption process will have to be found, I'm sure inserting it should work for Mystery Gift. This was done with a fresh save without a New Game. Once the process is found I'll update the post.