Thursday, September 3, 2009

Three Times a Charm ~ DSi Metallic Blue

Just in time for some big releases coming out down the road. I couldn't really resist anymore and had to just get it for the bigger screen sizes and just so I could brag about how I have 3 DS Models that are Blue.


Multi Pouch Lite works nicely with the DSi although it does stick out a little bit.


Front Box / Back Box / MB Icon




DSi Front & Top


DSi Open & Back


All in all, the Screen Size really does make a difference with games you used to play. The Closed Front isn't Shiny anymore compared to the way the DS Lite was, so no more smudging on the top. The Color also shows, even without my Camera Flash inside, compared to the way the Enamel Navy DS Lite was which was more Darker Blue, almost Dark to the Black DS Lite.

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