Thursday, June 24, 2010

DSi LL Blue


I recently ordered a Blue DSi LL that was recently announced in Japan with the new color line of the DSi LL. The Box is very big and bigger than the normal DS, DS Lite, and DSi Boxes.



The DSi LL comes with an extra stylus, used more for hand-writing on the Touch Screen.


The LL has the same things as the normal DSi like it's ports, it even uses the same power port. It uses the top finish like the DS Lite.


One disappointing thing about the DSi LL is the lack of carrying cases and no Multi Pouch like the Hori ones. The normal DSi was good since you could simply use a DS Lite Multi Pouch.


The one thing I love about the LL is that it feels more like you're holding a Controller, rather than something like an GBA SP. I no longer have to cramp up my fingers like a spider. It's very comfortable, and the moving sprites and graphics on the screen doesn't dither compared to the normal DSi. I'll probably use the normal DSi when I want things to be more compact. I think I like the Metallic Blue color on the DSi the best out of the DSi LL's Blue, DS Lite's Enamel Navy, and DS Electric Blue.


The line of History. Nintendo DS Electric Blue (2005), Nintendo DS Lite Enamel Navy (2006), Nintendo DSi Metallic Blue (2009), Nintendo DSi LL Blue (2010).


  1. Waaa!!!! I like it so much, I want One right now!!!


    This is where I got mine. I've been shopping with them for almost a decade now. Keep in mind that the DSi Shop is in Japanese and can't be changed yet with normal means.

    I think they might be bringing this color to the USA soon though.