Monday, June 4, 2012

5th Gen Single Card Events / Updates

From now on, Single Distributions will not be using the Duodecuple Hack. There's an issue with Flash Carts and will probably never be fixed on the hack. The best solution I could come up with was to easily remove the hack on Events that only use one Wonder Card. Events that use multiple variants of Wonder Cards haven't been changed. Luckily enough, the more popular Events like Victini or Keldeo will work with all Flash Carts. And not just some with Wood Firmware. And I also apologize for people having issues. Maybe some day I can come up with a fix that'll work for those multiple Wonder Card Events. All single links have been updated, along with the master zip for Distributions. For anyone wanting to replace their collection for NDS files, simply order by date and extract all the ones that have 6/4 on them and replace them with the new.

Speaking of new Events, and the release of the new games. All Wireless Distributions from here on now will also be compatible with Pocket Monsters Black 2 / White 2. So once Keldeo is released, it'll be able to sent to those games right on the get-go just like how it would be if you acquired it from the actual Event. I'll also consider making old Events compatible with the new games later on like I did for Generation 4. I'd like to just see how the Hometown value will be and how all of that other stuff checks out once the games are released.




Keldeo Present


Meloetta Present



I also have some other updates coming along soon that aren't Pokemon related, coming out through weeks or months for Summer. Especially with Rockman stuff on the other blog, even if the franchise is pretty dead.


  1. Hi!Nigoli,Can you help me to solve a problem? There is a Victini redistribution until 6/26 in English version , but I have used pokesavBW import a Victini present pgf files last year , I found I actually can receive the Victini WiFi present again ? This Victini redistribution can't be recieved if you have recieved Victini last year. I also found if I import the pgf files , I can recieve that again via wireless .

    ''The fact makes me think that is there a loopholes when you import pgf files , the game didn't record you have get this present ? ''

    1. If you do save injection, you'll usually have to keep track of Card IDs. If you've acquired Victini's Movie Event before, you won't be able to acquire it again on a different region, since they all share that same Card ID.

    2. Thank you very much! I understand the problem finally!