Friday, January 6, 2012

[B&W] Year of the Dragon! Egg Present ~Distro #4 added


Year of the Dragon! Egg Present



  1. Tnx for these events, I recently saw in a japanese blog and I thing there is an Event that is Audino Birthday from Touhoku, the new PC that opened.
    That is the link, please if you can get it, it will be very very nice.

  2. ^ Thanks for the heads-up! I'll definitely be on the look out for it if I see any Cards for it.

  3. Hey Nigoli! First I wanna thank you for all of the wondercards you post here. I've been using them since a while and I wanna ask you 2 things.
    1. When I check the wondercard in the game, it has the name of the event in japanese and the description in english. Is it normal or you program the text in english? Coz it'll be nice to have the description in japanese ('coz these are japanese events XD).
    and 2. the same question but for the Pokemon names in 5th gen. In 4th gen I received the Pokes with japanese names. I dunno if you can post two nds files, the one with english descrption and pokes, and another one with japanese description and poke name beacuase it'll be really really nice if you could do it. My friends and I would really appreciate it (again, only if you can...and want XD) Thanks again for your work!

  4. ^ Thanks for the support!

    1) When you're acquiring the Event, I made a custom message for every message except Japanese ones (Distro is added when I can find them). I was considering making those Japanese at some point, at the start, I figured it would look odd like the previous generation and wouldn't look too good with the formatting. I'm pretty sure the text size for that is the same now. I'll have to look into it. If you mean about the Card Description, it's preset in the actual game, so that part is out of my hands.

    2) Unfortunately this would mean having to edit the Card Data, and some Events are multi-region like that WCS2011 Event. The only two alternative solutions for this is either changing the Pokemon name with a program through the save file, so it has it's original Japanese Text. Or the much safer method, IMO. Taking the Save File and simply using the Japanese Version.

    It's a shame that the last generation was a tad easier for acquiring the Japanese Gifts from other regions.

    Unrelated note~ I'm aware about some other Flash Carts not booting the Distros up still. I've been trying to fix the issue myself, along with talking with the creator of the Duodecuple Distribution hack to help me with new builds for testing them on the Flash Cart I have that it doesn't work on. If you're wanting to use the hack and my pre-made Distros for Japanese Events, Acekard2i and normal R4 work fine. :p

  5. Hello good sir,

    I can't seem to get these roms to work, i turn on the distribution event on my R4, but i can't seem to get the pokemon over nintendo WFC or wireless, please help

    fellow pokemon fanatic

  6. ^ I'm not sure why it wouldn't be working, are you also on Wood Firmware for the R4?

    It should send to all game languages, unless there's one that isn't turned on and not known for the original Distribution Cartridge.

  7. Nigoli Thanks, by the egg, but ... would put the event meloetta, Kelder and genesect?
    It only remains for me to complete these legendary him to my box of legends.

  8. i'm ALex, i have a cuestion... when i have to chosse what event i want to recive, all the names r the same... what is the pokemon that i'll recive if i chosse the option 1 or 2 or 3,4.... TKS NIGOL my mail es

    1. Check the PGF folder inside the Zip as that should be the ordering. I wish there was a better way so you could name the Cards on the hack instead of taking it from the Card names.