Tuesday, August 2, 2011

[B&W] Receive the Sing Pikachu!




  1. Hi. I always really appreciate about uploading those gift ROM files continually. But, could you do me a favour? I totally cannot understand how to change those nds files' region. It doesn't works for other regions. Could you upload every BW distributions for Korean version? Really need Liberty Ticket, but I just missed the distribution.

  2. is it possible for you to trans late the little texts on the wondercard in a comment I would like to know what singing pikachu means
    ps i really think this site's briljant

  3. could you please translate the wondercards in english in a comment or something like that?
    thank you
    ps. thank for all the mistery gift they helped me a great deal!!

  4. ^ Should be the 26th, next week for a Mewtwo that's for Japanese Wi-Fi Distribution.

    If you're wanting more Sing Pikachu, I'll be sure to update those today at some point. Sorry for the delay.

  5. Hello Nigoli,
    Have you the sing Pikachu いえるかな (Aeon Mall Morioka). I search it desesperatly.

    Lugia from France.

  6. Nice to meet you Nigoli,
    What a wonderful website for pokemon event
    I want to ask what's the difference between those pikachu version?
    I don't understand what's AAA ELT these words means
    Do anyone can distinguish the difference pls tell me
    H-Key from Hong Kong