Saturday, April 16, 2011

[B&W] Movie Victini


Victini Present



  1. I'm having problems with Mediafire, it's not actually letting me download.... is there any mirror link available for this download?



  3. Sorry everyone.

    For anyone that's using the Distro Rom. The Liberty Ticket Distro that was dumped originally had it so normal Wonder Cards don't display an extra animation like this Gray Background.

    This was a Distro problem that I have corrected manually. It shouldn't effect anyone that already acquired the Card, since this data doesn't effect the Card Data at all and is a part of Distro Rom.

  4. I can't use this .nds-file because my DSTTi says "load ROM errcode=-4".
    How should I do?

  5. ^ Are you up to date with the latest firmware at all? And do the other Distros work?

  6. My firmware is lastest(1.4.1).
    My kernel is lastest, too.

    Other Distros don't work...

  7. From what I'm reading it seems to be related to the extinfo.dat / infolib.dat on the microSD Card. <- Has a different extinfo.dat / infolib.dat

    Can't Wood Firmware be run on DSTTi?

  8. When i try to use it, it appears:Distribution not available now. Even if i put the correct date and year.
    What am i doing wrong?

  9. ^ I've disabled needing to have a certain Date Range for Distribution with all my Distros. That's odd. :S

    Which Flash Cart are you on, and does it say "ビクティニ プレゼント" at all on the Top Screen?

  10. I tried to replace extinfo.dat / infolib.dat, but my DSTTi says "load ROM errcode=-4"...

    Do ".nds file" and ".pgf file" set on same directory?

  11. Thanks nigoli it worked now, last time i used and old r4 but today i used a r4i and it work.
    Great job :)

  12. I can´t make it run on a dsmume emulator and I saw that B&W distros could make that, it doesn´t even loads x.x help!

  13. Hi im new at this so how do i use this program?

  14. Nigoli, can I ask U something? Pls send me an e-mail and then I will ask my question. My
    Thx Márk

  15. Hey Nigoli ! I would love to have this Victini.
    Yesterday, I download this, and i See that there are only the PGF and not the PCD ? I don't know what I have to do !
    What's more, I don't know what for the ROM ?

    Someone can help me ?
    Thanks !!! :D

  16. Oh ! Sorry !

    I searched all the after-noon for have this Victini ! And I find it !
    Thanks to your video of Victini Present, I see in a commentaire that with the rom and another DS, I can have this victini !
    So I haven't got any problem !

    Thanks for all this presents Nigoli !
    A big congratulations ! :)
    Good luck for further :D

  17. Hi,
    thanks for your hard work.
    I have a problem.
    I used PMGE to put the wc on my japanese sav file.
    After I get the pokemon it has always the wrong ribbon.
    I tried a few times.
    It should have the wishing ribbon.
    But instead it has the souvenir ribbon.
    It´s the same with Reshiram and Zekrom.
    Can you please tell me what I´m doing wrong.

  18. ^ There's an error with the BW Wonder Cards on PMGE. When it asks to zero out values, click No. And it should be fine upon acquisition.

  19. Hello, I am just wondering which flashcard is specific for using the nds distribution? or the distribution time is over?

    I am using raw R4 sdhc to open it (I cant open with ysmenu) and it says "配間期限外です", which means "Distribution time is over/out of date"

  20. "This was a Distro problem that I have corrected manually."

    U Have a Distro Rom for the 5th Gen?? Link?

  21. How would I go about making the english versions of some of these, the ones that have been released in NA?